Ali works under the watchful gaze of her supervisor. By Julius Tabiolo.

Ali works at the Hiawatha Regional Solar Fields. In her first appearance in "Gene and Ali," she learns much to her chagrin that she is pregnant. To make matters worse, the child is a boy. An unregistered male pregnancy carries with it a host of problems, chief among these the apprehension of her long-time boyfriend Gene Waterman.

An unexpected carrier of the Y Chromosome will be "enlisted" by Y Control to become a member of the widely-debated Repopulation Initiative, reportedly cruel sex camps where males unaffected by Fragile Y Syndrome are studded like livestock. Fearing for her child and Gene's future, she goes on the lamb.

She and Gene decide to cross the desert and seek refuge from Y Control agents in the lawless ruins of Petropolis. In the events of "The Paper Score," she and Gene encounter the crew of The Cartwright and are taken prisoner by the pirates. Ali and Gene's fate is currently unknown.