Colby wearing her hydration gear.

Colby Feliciano is an employee in the solar fields of Hiawatha.  She primarily works as a heat monitor, checking the solar cells to see if they are approaching dangerous temperatures.  If so, she drains the energy before rotating the sol or replacing it with a cool one.  She is also a capable hydration technician and can repair circuitry.   She is friends with Gene Waterman and at least an acquaintance of Ali Rugosa.  It’s implied that her presence may be a strain on Gene and Ali’s relationship, something that their supervisor Honcho is not only aware of but finds amusing.  Colby is a decent employee but Honcho frequently yells at her for not wearing her sunhat.  

She is named after Colby Donaldson from Survivor: The Australian Outback.  When designing the character, the artist was asked to imagine what it would look like if he and Elizabeth Hasselback had a daughter.