Hiawatha and El Cielo are connected via the Number 10 Bus.

El Cielo was a thriving community during the Green Sky Era and remained standing until the day that history was erased.  The success of the community was due to its settlement in direct proximity to a large water supply free of contamination by saltwater or other toxins.  

As such, it was an ideal site for some of Thayer Corp’s algae farms, vast crops of algae which were grown on the many ponds in the region.  When it was first introduced, the idea of using algae to scrub the atmosphere clean sounded like a panacea for all of humanity’s troubles; however, progress with this project was much slower than predicted.  

Nevertheless, the algae ponds of El Cielo became famous for their natural beauty. In addition, many people came to taste the various algae-based foods that were gleaned from the ponds. 

The supply of clean water also made it a likely place to build the region's largest hospital, the same that employs Dr. Swan.  El Cielo neighbors Hiawatha and can be reached via the number 10 public bus.  Mack Willis and his brother Dan are residents.

Although it is not well known, El Cielo is built upon on a vast network of underground tunnels.