We need some concept art for "Escape from Petropolis."

Escape from Petropolis is the name of a video game set in the Oakwood Universe.  It is a first person shooter which tells the events of G-Day from the point of view of Gamma Squad, a team of marines stationed in Rosepetal when the National Fuel Reserve detonates.  Their initial task of preserving law and order in the wake of the explosion quickly transforms into a fight for survival when a mysterious and horrifying condition (later identified as the creep) befalls the citizens.  

Gameplay follows the traditional first person shooter model with the exception being that the player can switch between any one of the five marines at any time.  In addition, the player is tasked with managing the supply of electricity they have on hand to keep their invisibility gear (a high-tech military tool developed from The Nanjing Mantle) balanced and active.