Bentley with ear-buds in. By Wes Allen.

In the first person shooter Escape from Petropolis, the player takes control of the marines in Gamma Squad. More specifically, Fireteam 2 and Squad Leader Sargent Rosco Newsome.

Fireteam 2 follows the standard "Ready-Team-Fire-Assist" Marine organization. The members are:

  • Graham Bentley
  • Lance Corporal Brendon Walsh
  • Mike Roper
  • Marlowe Armstrong

These five are the protagonists of Escape from Petropolis and the player can switch between any of them at any time. Several civilians and other members of Gamma Squad, as well as General Stone himself also make appearances in the story.

Of special note is Graham Bentley's near-constant use of headphones to block out the noise of the chaos. Any time the player switches to control of Bentley, any music preloaded on the gamer's console is used as the soundtrack. It is the only music in the game.

Franklin Mills son, Frank Mills Jr. is a marine in Gamma Squad, though not on Fireteam 2 and therefore not a significant part of the story in Escape from Petropolis.