The resulting tsunami leveled the struggling community of New York.

In 2032, the melting icecaps reached a threshold and a major glacial break occurred. Years later, Chuchi Bergman would describe this incident to Annie Kahn as “a mountain falling into the sea.”  

The ice's plunge into the water created a massive tsunami. In the years since G-Day, the rising seas had pushed the costal communities from the shore but no one expected such a dramatic event. After the tsunami, the water rose so suddenly that many perished before they could retreat further inland.  The struggling community of New York was once and for all erased. The Great Lakes swelled and flooded the St. Lawrence River all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. The loss of life and overall affect on society was easily comparable in scale to the Puente Hills Earthquake.

This event vastly expanded the oceans and birthed of endless expanses of water atop previously civilized areas which came to be called “the marine deserts.”

The current age of Oakwood Comics is set against the backdrop of this event. Mr. Ferris and Nomad are among those affected by this event. The swell of climate refugees caused major upheaval in the city of Alpine and the American Territories at large.