Liz in 2037. By Karl Mokross.

Elizabeth Butler's family were climate refugees who moved to Alpine during the coastal exodus. After she lost her parents to the mosquito plague, Liz had to make it on her own. She displayed an affinity for mechanics at an early age and idolized famous inventors from history books such as Thomas Edison and Nikolas Tesla.

Her adult years proved more joyful than her childhood. Having gathered a small pack of road pirates under her guidance, she lived out her years taking part in exciting salvage operations and thrilling battles with the coalers. Although Liz's kindness and intelligence made her instantly likeable, Aome, Char, Etsuko and others were drawn to her because her extremely successful salvage-ops had gained a reputation throughout the region.


Liz and Fenwick construct the Promethean Engine.

In addition to her nearly single-handed retrofit of an 18-wheeler into a virtual desert pirate ship, Liz is most notably responsible for the creation of the first successful Promethean Machine, a mechanism which taps into the power of the numerous lightning storms in the Green Sky Era.

She had a parrot named Fenwick that she found more annoying than helpful and often triggered her legendary temper.

Liz first appeared in "Ms. Butler," which is named after her.