Aome and Chuchi's associate scout the coalers' operation.

ART JOB: This chapter needs color for it's upcoming release in Oakwood Anthology Volume 1: Special Edition.

"Oakwood: New Possibilities" is set in 2028 and tells the story of Chuchi Bergman’s brief encounter with Aome Lee.  As the chapter begins, Chuchi and an unknown associate are seen riding the Hornet to Alpine.  Some dialogue suggests they have recently seen some violence and the associate suggests that Chuchi shouldn’t regret their actions because “they had it coming.”

Whether these words assuage Chuchi’s feelings or not is uncertain because Chuchi changes the topic.  She states that they make a good team and that they will be stronger if they can find a third party to assist them.  

When they arrive in the vast marketplace of Alpine, they soon spot Aome and witness her theft of an apple from a street vendor.  Chuchi approaches Aome and asks what other things she can steal.  Aome recites a thief's resume before asking Chuchi what she can steal.  Before Chuchi responds, the associate swipes the apple from Aome’s hand.


Chuchi always sleeps outside.

As the three leave Alpine, Aome comments on the Hornet and the young thief rattles off an impressive stat sheet.  Aome is incredulous but Chuchi assures her the figures are correct.

The next scene finds the three preparing to infiltrate a Coal Syndicate base. Chuchi tells Aome the mission is to steal the two trucks which the coalers are using to transport their merchandise.  Aome informs them she has not yet learned how to drive and the young thief gives her a crash course.  

After a skirmish with the coalers in which Chuchi is grazed by a bullet, they are successful in stealing the trucks.  That night, they sit by the campfire and Chuchi self-administers first-aid while stating that one of the males in the coalers’ outfit was a carrier.  When pressed on how she could tell, Chuchi states its best left for another day and puts out the fire.

In the final scene, the young thief is awakened by the sound of an engine coming to life.  In a display of her true colors, Aome steals one of the trucks and bids the pair farewell as she drives away.  It is possible that this truck is later remodeled into The Beta Fish or The Cartwright but this is not confirmed.