The first panel of "Thirsty" is the first panel of Oakwood Anthology ever drawn. By Tea Seroya.

“Oakwood: Thirsty” was the very first chapter of Oakwood Anthology to begin illustration.  It takes place in 000 After the Storm (AS).  At the beginning of the story, the nameless survivor is wandering in the desert and complaining to himself of overwhelming thirst.  He holds his canteen up to the sky, demanding to know “who told you to stop [raining]?”  He is at a loss in this new, dry environment as he spent most (if not all) of his life surviving in the storm.

As he crests a hill, he spots a city in the distance.  It is the ruined city of Hiawatha, although the survivor does not know this.  He wanders into a convenience store where he is happy to find a few bottles of water still remain.  He also finds some chips.  Before he can eat, however, he is confronted by a wandering pack of storm-crazed humanimals.

At first reluctant to harm them, he is forced to defend himself in due style and prove his superior capability with the stick of African teak wood which he carries with him at all times.  After fending them off or bludgeoning them into temporary unconsciousness, he shouts in anger at the fact that they’ve eaten all the chips.  

The storm-crazed return and the survivor flees the store, his attackers in pursuit…

“Thirsty” includes the first appearance of the nameless survivor and is also the first story to take place after the Great Storm and confirms that some did survive without succumbing to the electroplague.  It is followed directly by “Oakwood: Hungry" and then The Secret of El Sol.