Following the quake, L.A. is a scarcely populated wasteland.

“Oakwood: Urban Decay” is set in Los Angeles in 2016.  It has been two years since the Puente Hills Earthquake and life in the city has become hellish.  The main character is the Tourist, a native resident of L.A. who elected to stay in the city.  

He is shown as a vigilante, rescuing a woman from a dangerous gang of thugs in the first few pages although the woman runs away screaming.  The rest of the story primarily recounts the events of the earthquake and explains the idea of “urban decay,” which happens to a city when order abandons it.  Lawlessness, rampaging gangs and drug use.  As the buildings crumble, the moral character of the population crumbles with them.  

In the end of the story, The Tourist reads a newspaper which displays the headline: “Wolf-Girl moving to Scottsdale.”  Feeling that the time had come to move on (and perhaps trying to abandon the ghost haunting him), the Tourist buys a ticket to Scottsdale in the final scene. "Urban Decay" is followed by "Inessa."