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Quantum Enrichment is a technique whereby the maximum retrievable energy of any substance is greatly increased.  Developed by Dr. William Isaac in the early 2000s, Quantum Enrichment was heralded as the United States’ saving grace and a sound and speedy way to exit the costly Oil Wars.  By amassing a calculated amount of petroleum in a central location and treating it with Isaac’s process, the USA projected it would have enough energy to last for several decades, ample time to find a practical alternative energy sources.  The Fuel Enrichment Initiative was drafted and passed in record time.

Controversy surrounded Quantum Enrichment from the start.  Although the finer details were known only to Dr. Issac and his team, many other scientists who followed their work deduced roughly what the process entailed.  Upon examination of the procedure, many believed that it was too dangerous a gambit.  They theorized that if the quantum enriched petroleum housed in Rosepetal were ever to come in direct contact with the atmosphere, it might cause irreparable damage to the ecosystem.  Their fears were partially grounded, as the environmental consequences of G-Day eventually proved.