In December 2012, the National Fuel Reserve explodes. By Toni Ivashkov.


There's an ongoing contest to draw a new image of the explosion in Reservoir City.

Rosepetal, Kentucky is a fictional city in the Oakwood Universe. After the approval of the Fuel Enrichment Initiative, a large patch of empty land outside Rosepetal was chosen as the location for construction of the National Fuel Reserve. The large structure was built atop a vast underground reservoir of amassed petroleum. For this reason it was also sometimes referred to as Reservoir City. The controversial implications of fuel enrichment drew many protestors to the region and resulted in a sprawling tent city around the National Fuel Reserve. The area soon developed into a full-on community of its own. This "suburb" was referred to as Petropolis.

At 4:08 EST, December 20th, 2012 the National Fuel Reserve exploded, an event later known as G-Day. Thousands in Petropolis perished in an instant when the fire reached the underground reservoir, resulting in a massive explosion. The residents of Rosepetal were at a safe distance from the fire and, along with those on the outer layers of Petropolis, survived the accident. However, they subsequently had the dubious honor of being the very first to experience the creep, a mysterious phenomenon which claimed the lives of many in the area due to their extreme proximity to ground zero.