Ghostninjas original team logo.

The Ghostninjas were a traveling roller derby squad with a legendary reputation.  No one knows when they began or where but some speculate hat they were the reason for the roller derby resurgence of the early 21st century.

With little to no fanfare, the Ninjas would appear in a town and challenge the local squad to a bout.  They never lost.  After the victory, they would fade away and, aside from the bruises and blood blisters they left in their wake, there was hardly a trace of their existence.

In 2008, after general manager of the notorious Rocktown Rollers Troch grew tired of crushing weaklings, he lured the Ghostninjas to Rocktown.  The Ninjas accepted Troch’s challenge and the date was set:  January 3rd, 2008.   

The Ghostninjas disbanded after their captain Sackhacker’s death during the bout against the Rollers.  However, original members Pussy Cleaver and Whistlepig continued their team’s legacy as part of the Prisonstate Rollers.