The Kiii in middle-age. By Lukas Wisebird.

The Kiii spent his early adult life as Russell Buckwood, a distributor for a major cookie company in Orlando, Florida.  The son of a judge who allegedly rolled dice to determine sentencing, Russell was involved with gambling all his life.  As such, he had developed a nasty bit of debt.  One night after a football game, he saw a man wearing the opposing team’s jersey.  Angry over his team’s recent loss, he told the man that wearing the jersey was disrespectful and tackled him to the ground.  As chance would have it, this man had contracted rabies and was currently being sought by local law enforcement.  Following Russell’s “apprehension” of the man, the rabies victim was able to get proper medical treatment and the community was safe again from the menace of rabies.  Russell was applauded as a local hero and made the evening news.  

Unfortunately, some gangsters seeking to collect monies owed from Russell were able to pinpoint his location from the news broadcast.  They confronted him and roughed him up.  Fearing that he may have contracted rabies from the sports fan, they elected to pour battery acid into his wounds to “kill the germs.”  Russell was left tortured and beaten but still alive.  

Shortly after this, Russell discovered that his accident had left him with the ability to generate and control electricity.   He spent the next few years developing his power.  Always the spectator, Russell chose to sit quietly, simply watching and waiting during the tumultuous time of G-Day, the spread of the creep, and the reformation of society.

Years later, Russell surfaced in the Convict State calling himself “the Kiii.”  Neither the origin of the name nor whether the Kiii was involved in the assassination of Emerson Palmer are known.  Nevertheless, the Kiii happily took the title of governor of the Convict State after Palmer’s death.  

In the next few years, the Kiii’s leadership abilities proved adequate but not as successful as Palmer’s.  The Golden Age of Scottsdale was finished.   Nonetheless, life was not as hellish in Arizona as in other places.  The Kiii was able to keep Scottsdale isolated from the energy crisis which affected the rest of the world.  When Scottsdale started to fall into the grip of restless crime, the Kiii allied with Remi Caution to form the Scottsdale Extreme League and crime decreased.  When a mysterious army in Thayer Corp vehicles surreptitiously launched from Alpine to try and reclaim the Convict State, the Kiii destroyed it with a wave of his hand.  

For the most part, the people liked the Kiii and he took care of them.  A generally nice, magnanimous dictator.  The face of the Convict State under a green sky.  Love live the Kiii.